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An ensō is a hand-drawn circle of uninhibited brushstrokes that expresses a moment when the mind is free to let the body create.

Who we are

Helene Orr is the Managing Director of Insight Governance, a boutique consulting firm established in 2015 to work with Boards and their senior executive teams in three areas:

    • Governance
    • Enterprise Leadership
    • Strategy and Risk

Helene is the first point of contact for clients and will meet with you to discuss your requirements and how we may be able to assist. She will put together a team of skilled professionals based on her extensive network of long standing, high performing partners and associates and lead the project.

Helene brings insight and experience from 25 years of working with State and Commonwealth public sector organisations undergoing major change and reform. Her more recent roles have focused on establishing independent governance and assurance programs to support an extensive reform program for NGO sector delivery of disability, child protection and housing services in NSW through:

    • Improved organisational performance, transparency and integrity
    • Innovative frontline practices underpinned by transformational risk management framework
    • Tailored risk reporting adding value to Board decision making and Risk and Audit Committee (RAC) oversight
    • Driving cultural change through refocusing audit programs based on key risks
    • Streamlining committee processes through the ‘lens’ of committee members and recruitment of independent RAC members
    • Building workforce and NGO sector capability through organisational wide Governance Education Program- based on AICD Company Director’s course tailored to the public and NGO sectors.

Helene has extensive experience in the provision of professional advice on governance, risk and strategy, particularly in the human services sector, workplace health & safety, and research organisations. Helene is qualified in a range of relevant areas. She has been a practitioner of mindfulness for many years and used it personally in her career to enhance resilience and performance.

Helene’s professional interests include governance and links between strategy, risk, culture and performance and strategies for leadership resilience and self-mastery.