Mindfulness Training Courses

Insight Governance is pleased to announce our 2019 Mindfulness Training Courses, workshops and retreats designed for individuals and organisations led by  a highly skilled, experienced and dedicated teacher.


Learn about what mindfulness is and its benefits, how to establish a regular mindfulness practice and to improve sleep, manage stress and anxiety and experience greater freedom and joy. Four weekly 1 hour classes with free downloadable guided mindfulness meditation and app and guidebook.


Classes held across Sydney at Bondi Junction, Summer Hill, Epping and Gladesville.  Upcoming programs:

Summer Hill, Tues 23 April – 14 May; Tues 6 – 27 Aug

Epping, Mon 2-23 Sep

Gladesville, Thur 9-30 May; Thur 8 – 29 Aug

Book here https://mindfulnessworksaustralia.com.au/mindfulness-and-meditation-introductory-courses/


Completed an introductory mindfulness program and wanting to deepen your practice. This new 4 week program is designed to offer simple yet powerful practices to embed the practice into your daily life and further develop resilience and greater wellbeing.


Bondi Junction, Mon 17 June – 8 July 2019; Mon 11 Nov – 2 Dec

Epping, Mon 15 July – 5 Aug

Summer Hill, Tues 15 Oct – 5 Nov

Book here https://mindfulnessworksaustralia.com.au/mindfulness-2-0-official-follow-up-course/


Evidence-based mindfulness programs that create lasting transformation and positive change through in-depth and practical mindfulness training, as seen on the ABC TV Catalyst program. MBSR is held over 8 weeks, 2-2.5hrs weekly in group settings with free downloadable guided mindfulness meditation, guidebook and weekly email.


Bondi Junction, Thur 17 Oct – 5 Dec, 6.30 – 9pm

Gladesville, Sat 19 Oct– 7 Dec, 1.30 – 4pm

For further details and bookings please email.


Introductory workshops

Mindfulness training programs for  groups

Consulting around integration of mindfulness practices into organisations

Coaching in one to one mindfulness training

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