Mindfulness Workplace Programs


Tailored programs for organisations 

The demands of todays workplace require employees, managers and leaders who are ethical, kind and effective. Our programs teach practical mindful tips, tools and practices for individual, leadership and organisational transformation based on emotional intelligence and wise action.

We offer the following programs.

Introductory workshops

What mindfulness is, its benefits, the research evidence supporting its use and mindfulness practice for use in the workplace for self care and resilient performance.

Mindfulness training programs for  groups

Tailored to your requirements and spanning 4 – 8 weekly classes these programs explore physiological regulation, emotional awareness, cognitive flexibility, engagement with values and action leading to significant behavioural change.

Consulting  – Integration of mindfulness practices into organisations

Whilst many programs offer mindfulness programs for individual well-being sometimes the underlying organisational systems require a ‘mindfulness audit’ to assess their effectiveness in contributing to the organisations overall well being.  We can tailor programs and advice for more sustainable, intelligent and effective organisations.

Coaching in one to one mindfulness training

Either one to one or small group sessions to teach and ground the basic mindfulness practices and tools that are effective in the workplace.

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