What we offer

The way we think about ourselves and the world informs the governance systems that guide society. Personal governance is the cornerstone of corporate governance and leadership as the interconnected systems of life reflect the day to day decisions and actions we take.

Insight Governance offers a range of services designed to enhance personal and organisational governance and performance.

Our mindfulness based programs are designed to equip individuals with  performance that is effective, resilient and regulated even during the most stressful work periods and aligned with individual intentions and values.

We offer a range of services to organisations to ensure effective governance structures create value and wise conduct through innovation and development and provide accountability.

Our services and strategic leadership include:

  • Mindfulness Based Training, Coaching and Programs

    Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction supported by 25 years of practice and research to enhance resilience, work performance and physical and mental wellbeing using mindfulness workshops and programs tailored to the needs or your workplace and staff. We offer introductory workshops and weekly programs ranging from 4-8 weeks as well as advice on organisational mindfulness based practices and approaches to work.

    We also provide individual and small group coaching in mindfulness training.

  • Advisory services

    Advisory and consulting services in governance, risk management, strategic planning and reporting and mindful strategies and practices.

  • Training

    Training and capability development packages and workshops for managers and Boards on corporate governance including risk management, strategic planning, performance reporting and Leadership Self Mastery incorporating mindfulness and resilience.

  • Facilitation

    Facilitating a variety of strategic workshops including risk identification and management and strategic planning.